Lucie Wilde and Dona Bell in the sauna


Lucie Wilde returns, this time in her first girl-girl scene–and what better place to show off those 32F Czech stunners than in a sauna while she’s getting intimate with that Romanian busty pornstar Dona Bell and her tasty treats?? Lucie is relaxing only in her bikini bottom when Dona shows up, and Dona’s hands, as if magnetized, are drawn to fondling those Wilde wonders. Our DDF cameras capture these chicks from all angles as Dona hefts those hooters, then leans back while Lucie licks on Dona’s own 38D treasures. Then, in one particularly nice shot, Lucie holds up her right knocker as if feeding it into Dona’s lips, while Miss Bell hungrily gloms on the nub. The ladies squish their squachies together in this Full HD video and nude pics as we watch a sensuous spectacle of big breast sex. Dona kneels and Lucie licks at her box from behind, while all their udders hang free and sway with gravity as droplets of sweat shimmer on their warm flesh. The gals press their crotches together, Dona rubs her shaved peach on one of Lucie’s nips, and Lucie feasts on Dona’s slice when Miss Bell sits on her face. Bravo to Lucie for her first lesbian outing on camera!  donna-bell-and-lucie-wilde-eat-wet-pussy-in-the-sauna-2 lucie-wilde-and-dona-bell-in-the-sauna002 lucie-wilde-and-dona-bell-in-the-sauna003 lucie-wilde-and-dona-bell-in-the-sauna004 donna-bell-and-lucie-wilde-eat-wet-pussy-in-the-sauna-6 lucie-wilde-and-dona-bell-in-the-sauna005 lucie-wilde-and-dona-bell-in-the-sauna006 lucie-wilde-and-dona-bell-in-the-sauna-1 lucie-wilde-and-dona-bell-in-the-sauna06 lucie-wilde-and-dona-bell-in-the-sauna007 lucie-wilde-and-dona-bell-in-the-sauna008 lucie-wilde-and-dona-bell-in-the-sauna009 lucie-wilde-and-dona-bell-in-the-sauna010 lucie-wilde-and-dona-bell-in-the-sauna011 lucie-wilde-and-dona-bell-in-the-sauna012

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