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Aliases: Heleana, Helena, Helene, Tawnee Peaks, Tawney Peaks, Michele Ann Laird
Cup size: 38E
Birthdate: 1961
Tawny was born Michele Ann Laird in New York City in 1961. She became a dancer after high school and worked under then name Heleana – a dark haired beauty with nice big natural D cups. In 1990, she was discovered in a club by a photographer who got her published in Scoreland. Sometime between then and 1992, Tawny changed her name to Tawny Peaks and got her implants and, in the process, became one of the big boob all time legends.

Tawny continued dancing and doing mostly softcore solo shoots for most of the nineties. Tawny also worked for Danni in her HotBox, writing columns for her Nippledome magazine. She rose to international fame in 1998 when she was sued by a guy who got ‘hit’ with her tits at a bachelor party. He said it was like being punched with a bag of cement. The trial was held on The Peoples Court (tv court show) and after having her breasts confirmed to be soft, Tawny won the case.

Tawny retired in 1999 and is happily married in Detroit Michigan and raising her 3 kids. She had her implants removed and auctioned them off on ebay in 2005. She figured she didn’t need them anymore but decided to only auction off an autographed one. Keeping the other ‘for good measure’. She got a bit over $16,000 for it (a casino in Canada known for it’s crazy ebay buying got it, goldencasino.com).
Her official site is Tawny-Peaks.com

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